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CREW surf craft presents its paddleboard range manufactured with the latest vacuum composite technology.

With an experience of over 15 years in manufacturing “watermen” equipment, our boards are made with great care in our production unit in Europe.

All products we use for design and manufacturing are controlled to meet the quality assurance we require.

Each paddleboard is designed by us with a design office, nautical designers to validate the consistency of our forms.

We create prototype with our pre-shape machine before products commercialisation. Also, our interlining fabric suppliers are tuned to provide specific compositions for CREW.

We also like to offer a board beautiful graphically. Therefore we reiterate our graphics very often.

CE quality

The raw materials used are all from the European Community

  • Polystyrene heart manufactured specifically for the marine industry
  • Epoxy resin and French assembly tissues
  • Paint and varnish German brand.


The vacuum construction allows us high quality materials with a weight and rigidity unrivalled than a board with a classical stratification.

This technology allows us to use a rigid heart between two fabric coat.

CREW surf craft used wood like heart between two fabric coat because this natural material present many advantages:

  • A high-capacity bond with the resin
  • No dangerous degassing unlike the PVC foams traditionally used.
  • Its abundance in Europe and on site processing unlike many so called biological processes responsible.
  • Resistance to the stress of an exceptional quality.

Our fiberglass and carbon fiber come from a French company worldwide known for its reliability.

Concretely, the overall process and the quality of the materials result in a performance board but which also has a long lifetime.

CREW surf craft is the assurance of having a very efficient quality product but also:


  • A French and European manufacture.
  • A Traceability of manufacturing products with CE standards.
  • A vacuum fabrication with wood heart in order to abandon polluting foams HD


CREW paddle board its

  • A production logbook for traceability of each board
  • One year warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • The shapes suitable for both the beginner to the top athlete.
  • Complete equipment and accessories in series (handle, leash plug, side carrying handle).


  • We manufacture the equipment throughout the year according to our order book.
  • We get the material every month.
  • We are building prototypes and custom boards in a very short time.


An authorized dealer distributes CREW surf craft in some geographical areas. You will approach the distributor in your area.

In case we are not distributed in your area, then we can send you one or more boards:

  • In throughout Europe at very attractive prices thanks to our transportation system, whether you are an individual or a professional.
  • In the world under the usual export conditions.

The CREW team is thankful for the confidence you show him.



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